We are efficient & cost effective. 

We get things done.

AT MVC Solutions, we provide solutions based on our customers' needs. Our flexibility means we can either offer a turn-key, end-to-end implementation to include - Analysis, Design, Deployment and Ongoing IT support - or any subset of initiatives that fall within the product life cycle.


  • Business strategy analysis: We can help create, identify and build the firm’s strategy and related processes.

  • IT strategy analysis: We can provide an audit of your IT strategy and/or help you to craft your IT strategy and ensure that it directly supports your business strategy and performance objectives.

  • Business process requirements: We can identify your business processes and the requirement elements within each process, with a specific focus on your technology requirements.

  • End user requirements: We can work with your stakeholders to identify and incorporate end user requirements to ensure that solution adoption is as high as possible.


  • Business process design: We can design your business processes based on your business needs

  • Solution design: We can take your business processes, and design an IT solution that supports your performance objectives.

  • IT architecture: We can design the IT architecture required to implement your business and IT solutions.


  • Business process deployment: Working with you, we can deploy your new or updated business processes across departments or the entire firm.

  • IT application deployment and implementation: We can deploy IT applications across the firm, through the deployment cycle, and hand off the support to your local IT organization.

  • End user documentation: We can create and publish end user documentation for current, updated or new business processes and IT applications.

  • Data migration: For the implementation of new or updated applications, we can migrate the data in a secure and efficient manner.

  • End user migration and support: We can provide end user training during the application migration phase, along with direct support as required.


  • System management / administration: For clients who prefer to outsource their IT function, we can provide ongoing system management and administration of IT services and solutions.

  • Data cleansing: We can provide data cleansing solutions, to ensure accuracy of information, and implement processes and procedures to prevent the need for future data cleansing.